Friday, April 29, 2005

[SOLD] Marc Jacobs Denim Mini Skirt $49

i have toooooo many denim mini skirts! grab this great deal soon! (or else i might change my mind and keep it!)

  • size 6
  • 100% authentic Marc Jacobs
  • brand new with original tags
  • includes extra Marc Jacobs buttons
  • tiny little 1-inch slit detail on the sides, and on the middle back
  • cute butt pockets and side pockets
  • zipper and button w/ internal button enclosure as well

don't buy retail: $158
shopmycloset: $49

love it? i know i do.... buy it by emailing!


Anonymous said...

completely brand new? ooh wow. hard to resist.... ahhh... love it!

Anonymous said...

very hollerable. :)

j.ho said...

omg this is so cute. i wish i was a size 6!!!


so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,

for those in other sizes, go to macy's. this skirt right now is 40% off for only $95 dollars. i just bought a size 2, and i opened up a credit card account so that the discount would cover the tax. :) just keeping you inform!


Anonymous said...

oh, and it is really cute! i love it! i think i'm going to be wearing it everyday this summer. :)


elaine said...

damn, i wish this was a little bigger! i like the pockets! and i like marc too!

Anonymous said...

so cute! what does the waist measure?

jonas said...

what a great deal!

macy's right now has this for like a 100! god i wish this was my size!

ninadvamp said...

Thank you sooooo much, I'm going to be lovin' this skirt allll summer!!!!

Anonymous said...

what a good deal! I'm sad i missed it!