Friday, May 20, 2005

[EVENT] Art of Shopping Sample Sale - NYC

the art of shop presents: sample, overstock and warehouse sales
new sales: may 14-22
60 grand street, between w. broadway & wooster, NYC
new merchanize and new brands will be brought out DAILY.
10:30am-7pm, cash only

designers include:
seven, yanuk, diesel, james perse, chaundry, miss sixty, rock & republic, james jeans, sweetees, earnest sewn, ag jeans, frette, hudson, joie, sledge, frankie b., blue cult, fifi, collection, love amour.
*ssh... some of their hottest brands they can't advertise... trust em, come in for the best deals


Anonymous said...

great place to get your denim JEANS!

all the hot DENIM jeans are here, and at DISCOUNTED price.

has anyone heard of a denim jean called PAIGE or... another jean called "something" HAND. i forget. but it's really nice! on it's tag, it states that "through denim, it wants to shake hands with people." if this rings a bell, please hollar at me what it's called and if you know anything about it. (history, where it's made, where it's sold, etc.)


Anonymous said...

it's time i get new pairs of jeans.
i'm definitely hitting it up!

Anonymous said...

i've heard of paige, but never ever seen it.
earnest sewn jeans are hot stuff: