Tuesday, May 10, 2005

[EVENT] Boxer Rebellion -SF

Boxers, briefs and hot-shorts rocked by 10 super-fly men and 10 ultra-super-fly women.
Tuesday May 10 @ 9pm - 2am
Studio Z - 314 11th Street @ Folsom

Join us at Studio Z on Tuesday May 10 to see a hot fashion show, listen to rocking bands & djs, double fist some great drinks and add to the mayhem. The Ant Show and Headline Shirts present Boxer Rebellion, a showcase of up-and-coming designers set to the best live music and djs you'll find anywhere in SF.

Designers: Teresa Aguilera (Spindle Desco), Victor Prasad (Metro Clothing), Kristen Farr, Nera Brent (Firefly Co), Jake Ginsky (Headline Shirts), Jen Colvin (Headline Shirts, Chris Gorog (Headline Shirts)


Anonymous said...

sexy! it's like stanford's underwear party in sex and the city!


Anonymous said...

going tonight, see you there. look for me,i'm wearing a brigh red cowboy dress

Anonymous said...

leaving the house as we speak! i'll look for you too jennifer! right now i'm wear a silver sweater and blue mini skirt with white boots on. look for me too

Anonymous said...

this was suprisingly fun. never been to anything like this before!