Monday, May 23, 2005

[EVENT] Rodeo Drive Resale: Marc Jacobs -LA

May 23-31, 2005, 11am-8pm
13727 Ventura Blvd (btwn Woodman and Mammoth Aves), Sherman Oaks, CA

Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Bottega Venetta are just a few of the hottest designers that you'll find at both Rodeo Drive Resale's in-store and online boutiques. They are restocked daily with merchandise from celebrity closets, stylists, T.V. and movie studios, large and small designer boutiques and from some of the best dressed woman from all over the world. They carry new and like new and as always everything is guaranteed authentic. At Rodeo Drive Resale you can dress like a celebrity without spending like one. *Mention "Topbutton" and receive an additional 15% off clothing and 10% off shoes, sunglasses and jewelry to all in-store customers.


Anonymous said...

that's bag it hot!!!!! i just looked on their site, and it's only 49! and sales mean even more discount right? crap! i gotta get that bag!

Anonymous said...

that's a yummy bag! wish the straps were leather 'stead of metal. :(

Anonymous said...

melie bianco is the name of the brand

they have versions of the bag without the metal.

it's made of soft faux leather, fyi! :)

Anonymous said...

soft faux leather, the best kind! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip! I will look into Melie Bianco! Been looking for a sac like this!