Sunday, May 15, 2005

[EVENT] Vestiti Roupa -SF

We've brought together the Bay Area's most innovative clothing, jewelry, handbag, and accessory designers in a pleasant café ambiance. Admission is free, come join us to have a drink and shop. The Canvas Gallery, 1200 Ninth Ave. & Lincoln
Designers: Ibi Couture, Mabel Chong, Erin Mahoney, Neko Designs, Tina Ruth, Nina Katajamäki, Bmod Jewelry, Keren Peled Timeless Jewelry, Mila, Spotbear Productions, Jester Swink, Desori LLC, Staci Rose Designs, Heather P .


Anonymous said...

sweet. i'm going! will i get to meet other shopmycloset girls?

Anonymous said...

mabel chong earrings are so pretty! all original designs.

Anonymous said...

have fun! but i don't think any of us can go to canvas gallery today. next time you'll meet us! we'll be at CAPSULE @ 111 minna on may 22.