Monday, May 16, 2005


Hi friends!
There's so many fashion events happening this weekend! We recommend you all to check out at least one of the events. Support your local and independent designers and boutiques! And if you have any info on fashion related events in your city that's not here, please email us the info! Stay tuned - we will be posting more items for sale this coming week!


We are also looking for GUESTBLOGGERS!
We are accepting submissions - just email them to with a little bio about yourself. To read the previous GUESTBLOGGER, classicK, click here.


shannon said...

great events, great look out!

gina said...

classic was a good post. look forward in seeing more. thanks for the events, going to the hayes block party tomorrow. payce.

katie said...

i'm addicted to your blog!

jennifer said...

Bay to the Breakers is happening in San Francisco right now. I'll be hanging out at the bars, and maybe catch the hayes block party for some discount special! whee hee!

♥k said...

hi folks,

yes, definitely take advantage of all the great fashion events.... there IS an alternative to the MALL!

since, most of us are based in california, we don't know much of what's going on on the east coast. do give us an email if there's an event you would like to share with other shopmycloset-ers. :)

♥k of shopmycloset

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


heidi said...

i'll look into writing. need to work on my skills first :)

d said...

nunchaku skillz... writing skillz~!

omika said...

i just came back from Azaelea, and got to see the CeCe Chins shoes! They are absolutely adorable, and I got myself a pair! :)

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on "Next" and got stuck on your blog. Pretty neat, I must say. Keep it up!

r said...

fabulous weeked, thanks a bunch!

♥k said...

if you have any questions about GuestBlogging, please ask!

we are glad y'all had fun this week! there will be more events happening in the sf bay area next weekend.

:) k

elaine said...

i love the trunk show i went today!

julia ro said...


First of, this is an extraordinary blog! I love the concept, and have not seen one quite like this yet. Kudos to you.

I met Cathy, who I think is part of
Shopmycloset, at a fashion party last week. When she mentioned this site, I thought it would be just another reg o' online shopping website. But I was very wrong! The website address popped into my mind this morning when I finished my coffee at work, and so I checked it out. It has been a really great suprise. I enjoyed reading "classic" by vinh, and do hope you encourage more fashion writers out there, and provide an outlet for talented individuals everywhere. Also, it is amazing that Shopmycloset is up to toes with all the fashion events in San Francisco. Many people do not know there's an underground culture to fashion, but with your blog, I hope that it will provide more access to others.

Once again, I want to say that this is a marvelous blog site!

I am a freelance stylist after hours, and would love to collaborate. You have my card, ( I didn't get yours.) please get in touch with me soon.

Julia Ro

jennifer said...

can't wait for more! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a brown purse or bag. I was wondering if you have any that you are willing to sell. I'll check back the site tomorrow.

♥ k said...

Hi Julia!

Thanks for the comment! I will definitely get in touch with you.

:) k

p.s. don't forget, you can also be a guestblogger by submitting your work to us!

cin said...


Anonymous said...


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