Thursday, May 12, 2005

[SOLD] Adidas Adistar White/Red sz6.5 $39

Another deadstock colorway for the Adistars... Rare!
Super LIGHT. Super Comfortable. Super Rockin'!

  • Adidas Originals
  • Style: Adistars
  • Brand New! with Original Box!
  • Size 6.5 Womyn's
  • White and Red Color
  • Mesh AND Suede! HOT!
  • Gumsole
Retail: $70
Shopmycloset: $39

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Anonymous said...

i love adistars!

classic and comfortable.

elaine said...

oh, you guys have the cutest sneakers!

cindy said...

suede and mesh is a good combination of materials. cool! wish they were my feet size.

gina said...

i just read your post called "classicK"

i now have a better appreciation for shoes.

by the way, these are nice and simple.

dreamer said...

I love these sneakers! It is still for sale, or is it sold? The title reads Sold... awwww. I wanted the red and silver ones, but the ones you have are a 1/2 size bigger. this one would have been Perfect!


Anonymous said...

these runners are hip! i would totally stand out with these while running in the c park

ted said...

love the adistar runners!

i have the limited navy blue and hot pink.

nguyet said...

nice kicks!

j-anne said...

i have adistars as well, any they are light as feather. they were designed to be light for runners. it's great that they release it now so that we , too, can experience lightweight shoes.