Wednesday, May 4, 2005

[SOLD] Earl Jean Denim Blazer $40

Earl really knows his jeans... and jackets too!!! here is a beautifully constructed denim blazer made of the toughest denim material! fitted and sleek. every closet deserves at least one denim jacket!

  • size: small, no stretch
  • 3 button down enclosure
  • 2 front pockets with flap enclosure
  • 2 buttons on the sleeves
  • measurements laid flat:
    • 16" from armpit to armpit
    • 15" across the waist
    • 27" from top to the bottom
    • 25" from top of sleeve to bottom

retail: $198
shopmycloset: $40

want it? email to buy!


Anonymous said...

fits like a glove!! if you're a size small

Anonymous said...

i want this jacket!

but the bust is too small for me!!!

it's a 32 bust!

i wonder how it would look with it un-buttoned... :)


Anonymous said...

oh, i always wanted a denim blazer... because it simply matches with everything! well, almost everything :)
i'll be thinking about it in classes all day today!

Anonymous said...

i love it i love it i need to get paypal!

Anonymous said...

3 button blazers are the best!

Anonymous said...

Hey folks!

Here's some men's fashion 411:

Never button the last button!
for suits, blazers, jackets, etc....

(i never knew about this until recently!)

Does anyone know if this applies to womyn's fashion too? Or if this bit of 411 a universal fashion thang, or is it really just a "men's fashion" thang?

Anonymous said...

Refer to the 3 buttons as..


meaning sometimes you can button the top depending on how you feel, always button the middle one, and never ever button the last one!

I got this from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Anonymous said...

good fact to know!

so yeah, i would like to purchase this jacket. shipping is $3 plus $2 since it's a jacket right. I wanted to make sure what I read in "How To Buy" is correct. So if shipping is only $5 or less, than it's all mine baby!


♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

hi sam!! Yes!! Jacket price + $5 for shipping!!! It's YOURS!! email soon to reserve it!!!


Anonymous said...

this jacket would look cute with this:

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest find ever! I love your blog! It's such an amazing concept! I'm based in SF, so it feels so great that I can now know what is going on in the City.

Love this jacket, but would also love a discount. I've seen these at Loehmans, and regret not buying it.

christina c.

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

Hi Christina,

Thanks for the ounces of sweetness! If you shop at Loehmann's you know that this jacket usually sells for $60+. I barely wore it and it's in like new condition! Don't regret not buying it anymore!!! :)