Thursday, May 19, 2005

[SOLD] Vintage Christian Dior Striped Skirt $9

This skirt is Couture meets Wednesday Adams! Tagged as a Christian Dior separate circa 1980-something... this skirt will look perfect layered over some jeans or casually thrown on with some flat sandals.

  • vintage Size Large, but fits more like a Medium
  • s tr et ch y waistband
  • unsewn hemline... originally a super long skirt but i trimmed it... add your own trim if you want to get creative!
  • 31% mohair, 39% acrylic, 30% nylon... it's fuzzy!
  • falls to your knees
  • fantabulous!
love it? email to buy!


rhonda said...

very white stripes!

Anonymous said...

what's the waist measurement

Anonymous said...

very classic very retro bet you it would rock out with fishnet stockings and some red pumps

j-anne said...

I have a knitted striped skirt with vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes like yours. Big Stripes like ours are great because they are bold and striking. No matter what you choose to wear, it will stand out in a fabulous way!

elaine said...

cute skirt!