Saturday, October 15, 2005

[EVENT] Cut Cute Couture Sample Sale -LA

October 15-16, 2005, 11am-5pm, free!
Cut Cute Couture Showroom, 108 W. 2nd St., Ste. #906, Los Angeles, CA

This indie sample sale is not for label hos—just style lovers.
Set in a downtown loft, the Cut Cute Couture feel distinctly homegrown, especially compared to the invite-only-elbow-you-in-the-face sample sales. Organizer Jonno Agnew throws these shindigs every 3 months (give or take). The two-day event features jewelry from O Studio Works; T-Bags purses and accessories; bath and beauty products from Klean Bath & Body; and separates from Cut Cute Couture, a line by the former designer of Yen LA. Prices are at or below wholesale.


sam patel said...

they are so cool, they definitely support the local la fashion scene. go!

v-dizzle said...

hi, i'm on their listserve.
i just received an email from them, here it is:

Bringg Bringgg... This Saturday and Sunday, from 11:00am to 5:00pm,
there’s a sample sale in downtown LA.

This is your courtesy wake-up call.

With women’s embellished tees and sweaters, handbags, clutches, jewelry
& accessories, greeting cards & bath products, you’ll be able to pick
up something nice (and nice and cheap) for yourself.

Or even get a jump on holiday shopping, if you wish.

Lines taking part include:
Cut Cute Couture
O StudioWorks
Amy Lynn
Klean Bath & Body

At 40%, 50%, 60%... 75% off-retail, you’ll be glad you stopped by.

Stopped by where you say?

108 West 2nd Street, Suite 906, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
(at the corner of 2nd & Main Street, near Little Tokyo).

Sale takes place:

This Sat & Sun., Oct. 15 & 16
11am - 5pm

What else will you want to know?

Cash is king, but some designers do accept M/C, Visa, AMEX. Pull up to
the front of the building for complementary valet parking.

And hey, don’t be greedy... tell a friend! We did.