Saturday, October 29, 2005

[EVENT] Feria Urbana -SF

SATURDAY Octber 29th, 12 P.M. - 5 P.M . FREE!
The Canvas Cafe & Gallery - 1200 9th Ave at Lincoln, SF

Feria Urbana is an urban fair made up of 20-25 local artists and designers selling a range of items at accessible prices. Find the latest chic and unique clothing, jewelry, home accessories, artwork, fashion accessories and much more. It's a shopping experience like no other.

Come support your local art community - buy something for yourself or for a gift. Grab a bite to eat or a drink and lounge in the sun on the front patio, for a little shopping break!

Featuring: Peggy Li, Cyncha's Creations, Zoe Zoe Jewelry, Ruchi,
Yamuna Wali Landsberg, Pistachio, a.k.a design, Stellarocco Designs, Millefiore, Pink Pineapple Design, Queen Puff Puff, Alabel, Multani du fond du coeur, The Submarine Assemblage, Coco-luxe Confections, J.T.C. Enterprise, One Hot Tomatoe, Brilliant Bindery, Satti, Hilary's Dolls


Anonymous said...

anything in atlanta for me?

Anonymous said...

I remember you guys had links for the designers at feria urbana. Do you have them for this weekend's?

Anonymous said...

I purchased a pair of earrings today. That's all. Nothing else my style.

Anonymous said...

We try to post links for each event-post but it takes time to find each website for each designer, one by one...

Unfortunately, we can't do it all the time. However, if we haven't linked up a designer or place... and you happen to know the url for that, please feel free to post it in the comments for other users to see. :)


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