Wednesday, October 19, 2005

[SOLD] Built by Wendy Wranger 47 Jeans $64

Wrangler's back! Thanks to Built by Wendy! This fabulous pair of jeans will give your bootie an extra lift! They fit so well and will make you feel incredible, because their cut is incredible!

  • Style: Wrangler 47 / Classic Bootcut (WE219XN)
  • Color: Dark Blue/ White Stitch
  • Size: 29 Regular
  • Brand New! 50% off for SMC!
retail: $128 (more photos here)
ShopMyCloset: $64

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Anonymous said...

I love Wrangler 47!


Anonymous said...

wranglers fit the best! the new and improved wranglers!

Anonymous said...

another awesome item...