Monday, November 7, 2005

[SOLD] Ella Moss Striped Top $20

Comfy Ella Moss light green and white striped top!

  • Ella Moss jerseys are very soft. The fabric is high quality rayon... and it feels so good!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Preloved in great, clean, condition.
  • Size Large (stretches to a Large... but would also fit size Small and Medium, non stretched)
Retail: $98
Yours for $20 - hot deal!

Love Ella Moss' simple soft tops? Email to buy it.


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Donna said...

I just came across your site through ninja vintage and absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

this fits very well...flattering! and soft too! love ella moss!

michelle said...


Anonymous said...

o i love it... if only it was smaller

carla said...

I'm a size Small
but I purchased a Size Large dress, same style as this, over the summer... and it fits perfectly. I think their sizing is a bit off. :D

tiffany said...

Ella Moss... for only 20! you got to be kidding me! that is such a great deal! I hope it's still available for me to buy!