Wednesday, November 9, 2005

[SOLD] SuperLuckyCat Scarf Dress $16

this is a fabulous little mini scarf dress made by SuperLuckyCat. the top is detailed with a purple lace. made from 2 different matching purple scarves..this dress is cute as a mini dress or as a long top over jeans!

  • sz Medium
  • measures: top portion of dress til waist 15.5", waist 16.5", bust 14", length 28.5"
  • thin material
  • thin waist string to give a better fit
don't pay retail: $65+

think it's cute? email to buy!


Anonymous said...

looks like a skirt. can it be worn as one?

Anonymous said...

hi there,
r this new? or pre owned?
and could the dress fit size small too?

laura said...

What a daring skirt! Yikes!

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

with some improvisation, yes it can be worn as a skirt.
also, please check measurements but it should fit a small!!

Anonymous said...

daring indeedy

ophelia said...

this is so cute! i am so glad i found this blog!!!

Francine Stone said...

This is a fantastic idea!


Anonymous said...

What kind of thin material is this? Silk? 100% silk? Part Silk? Nylon?

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...


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