Sunday, December 11, 2005

[EVENT] RAG Annual Gift Fair -SF

December 11th, 11pm-4pm
541 Octavia St (Hayes Valley , SF) on the sidewalk!

RAG Annual Gift Fair will be held over two weekends this December. Twice the food, twice the drinks, twice the designers and twice the fun!! Free Admission! Free Catered Food and Drinks!

Sunday, December 11:
Amy Cools, Brialliant Bindery, Crazy Sexy Joolz, Dida Jewelry, Deanna Bratt, Domini, Elly Karl, Foat Design, Helen Olds, Hilary's Dolls, Icon National, Jack and Ginger, Kukula, Lacquer Clothing, Little Queen, Lisa Ellsworth,Mary Meyer, Mison, My Wind Up Bird, mzz T rzz, Natalie Mingura, Office Tramp, Red Threds, Relish at Home, Rock Party, Ruchi, SAAZ, Stoneybrook Clothing, Swan:Dive, The People's Republic of Love, The Water Myth


Anonymous said...

My friends makes neat cloth cover journals that you should definitely pick up tomorrow at rag's!

Anonymous said...

sorry for that shameless plug! but i also wanted to say, i love your calendar!

Anonymous said...

I heard about this event from you guys and actually went! I was truly amazed by the collaboration among the designers! I never new this kind of community existed here in the Bay Area.