Wednesday, December 7, 2005

[SOLD] B&W Striped Pleated Dress $22

Featured here is a lovely pleated dress!

  • This is a great, like new, striped dress!
  • Pleats all around!
  • Vertical and horizontal stripes.
  • Soft, cool feel kind of fabric...
  • Size Medium, measurements:
    • Bust laid flat across ~15.5"
    • Black band laid flat across ~16"
    • Length of dress is 40" (34" length + 6" length of strap)
heart it? twirl in it! email to buy!


Anonymous said...

i love this dress!

is it a small medium or a medium-medium or on the larger side medium?


sorry i'm not good w/ flat measurements!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a Medium - Medium. (unless you like to wear dresses that are a little loose on you)

Anonymous said...

that's hot!

is it stretchy?

Anonymous said...

nice webby

Anonymous said...

this is a must have!

Anonymous said...

i would wear with red or electric blue pumps!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, you seem to have a very well put together blog here!

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