Monday, December 12, 2005

[SOLD] Olive Green Brush Cotton $24

Adore this! Here's a comfy olive green red brush cotton!

  • Preloved in good condition!
    • *Small hole in the lining of left side pocket
  • 100% Brush Cotton with Olive Green lining
  • Two side pockets with a hoodie & an attached collar
  • Size Medium
  • Measurements:
    • Length measures ~38.5" from top to bottom (minus the hood)
    • Shoulder laid flat across measures ~15.5"
    • Hip measures ~17.5"
    • Bust laid flat across measures ~16-16.5"
Email to purchase! :)


l. renaissance said...

hey katee, christine and others...

i just wanted to let u know that i work at URBAN OUTFITTERS now and can use my 40% on stuff u want. HOLLA. bout to interview for HM on tuesday... yeee~!

Anonymous said...

winter coats!!! very cool

Anonymous said...

the way the collar pops out makes me wanna "pop my collar!"


Anonymous said...

I missed out on the red and this one! BOO!

Anonymous said...

...UNHHHH! Pain!!!

well, it IS January, already.

Anonymous said...

christ lordee...

i have no bones against collar-popping..

.. my good friend graduated from sf-fidm... she worked awhile in a vintage/used store.... she still gets freebies from them, every now & then.

and she's also an H-M-aholic. when the budget allows.

i introduced her to this site, but i would rather introduce you to each other!! in person!