Monday, December 12, 2005

[SOLD] Vintage Slouchy Pirate Boots $36

LOOKIE!! pirate boots!!! wear these over your jeans or w/ a skirt!

  • sz 7
  • Measures: heel to toe 10 inches, heel 1 inches, top to bottom 16.5 inches, sole 3 1/4 inches
  • Forest Green Suede
  • Knee-High
  • Brand New Vintage!


Anonymous said...

cute!!!!! boho!!!!

michelle said...

loving the cut!!

Anonymous said...

love it. want it.

janice said...


rhonda said...

i simply love the color!

these would like rad with some warm tights! :)

andrea said...


Forest Green? it looks Teal on this end.

keep posting!!

andrea said...

my god. these could be the perfect boots!

tapered cut towards the back of the calf!