Friday, January 20, 2006

[SOLD] Fornarina MOD Ankle Boots $40

how to be MOD

start with these booties!

  • size: 7
  • label: fornarina
  • color: chocolate brown buttery soft leather w/ white pipe detailing
  • condition: Gently worn
retail: $165+
yours: $40 (reduced)

to purchase, email!


Anonymous said...

how cute!!

andrea said...

holey moley!!

Boots four life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does are super cute! How are the soles?
And how wide is the opening? Just want to make sure they fit my chubby ankles :) Thank you! <3 a n n a

jamie said...

that link was very enjoyable! ;0)

Anonymous said...

yes, great link

Anonymous said...

Do you have better pictures up close? They are yummy but i still dunno yet.

Anonymous said...

is it brand new (bonanza) or gently worn?