Wednesday, January 25, 2006

[SOLD] Fruits Orange Striped Parka $38

you will not be missed or forgotten in this jacket! very japan fruits!

  • sz Medium
  • zips all the way up and encloses w/ white plastic buttons
  • 1 button is loose and needs to be resewn
  • Long Cotton Blend w/ Lining...perfect for winter!
  • designed to fall below the buttocks
  • hoodie w/ white fur lining
  • super comfy and casual!
love me? email! thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...


andrea said...

Whoa! fruits!!!

ooOOO said...


Anonymous said...

measurements? length puh leaaseeee

anabelle karen meads said...

ima large kinda gal, how's the bust and the waist area, snugged? stretchy? it look al though it could stretch but if there's lining and it don't stretch then it would be a problem for me. can't wait to hear your response.

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

definite stretch! it's made to be worn a bit loose and oversized.

Anonymous said...

AH! i want this. i'm broke. that's definitely gonna be sold by next paycheck. grr.

amy said...

oh, i missed my chance!

will you have another one like it?