Saturday, February 25, 2006

[EVENT] EMG Vintage -NYC

emg vintage
saturday, february 25, 2005, 2-6 pm
tribeca grand hotel (2 avenue of the americas), free, cash only!

vintage, bottega venetta, vests, princess sleeves, purses, vicotrian blouses, dresses, jumpers, skirts, ysl, mj, raf simons... hot!

Plus we will have exclusive pieces from Susan Domelsmith's jewelry line, Dirty Librarian Chains. Susan¹s experience from years of thrift shopping has enabled her to find hidden gems within dusty caches and breathe new life into these classic pieces. Each piece incorporates reworked vintage jewelry that is hand picked by the artist from dead stock as well as secondhand sources. We will have exclusive pieces made specially for emg. Prices range from $40-$350,


Anonymous said...

those dirty librarian chains are hecka fresh!

natasha said...

Do you know if I need to RSVP? Is there a special list or can I just show up?

amy said...

i really want a chain necklace too! but i'm not in new york. how else can i buy it?

Anonymous said...

emg rocks!!

d said...

i saw some library chain necklaces at bloomingdales!