Thursday, April 6, 2006

[SOLD] Authentic Diesel Cherone Jeans $52

fabulous jeans at a fab price!!! featured are a magnificent pair of authentic diesel cherone jeans! these jeans are great... super appealing on the body, especially for the toosh! the subtle holes and pretty wash you see are the hot works of diesel!

  • size: 29 x 30
  • low waist: 30 inches
  • inseam: 30 inches
  • rise: 8 inches
  • style name: cherone
  • art/wash: 710
  • 100% guranteed authentic
  • condition: EXCELLENT, like new!
retail: $169
yours: $52!

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Anonymous said...

super cute! wish it was 2 sizes smaller...i would jump on them!

Anonymous said...

adorable! lovely and beautiful. I would jump on them too if it was 2 size smaller!

tika said...

cherone's are my favorite

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

waitlisted... i hope i get to buy it!!

rhonda said...

Diesel makes good denim.