Thursday, May 18, 2006

[EVENT] Vintage Sample Sale -NYC


Anonymous said...

vintage vintage, at $10 or more, oh crap i want to go!

Kiwi said...


Anonymous said...

i know! i agree!

Anonymous said...

sounds awesome! if this is their 1st, does that mean there will be more?

Anonymous said...

want more vintage?
What is this place?
The business card states: WAREHOUSE FLEA MARKET.

What category does it fit into? Take the Q66 bus along Northern Boulevard & get off BEFORE 111th Street. This big garage space houses a hodgepodge of odds & ends. At one point or another, I've seen old products not made anymore, real Kangol hats for $5.00!, cool vintage paintings, reasonably-priced triple-X rated videos (for the naughty thrifty, of course), dusty paperbacks & hardcovers from the 70's, nuts, bolts, etc., etc. It's dank & dusty, so bring your Claritin & check it out. This oddball establishment just might surprise you.

[WAREHOUSE FLEA MARKET is at 32-24 111th Street, near Northern Boulevard, 718-533-1217]

Anonymous said...

more vintage...

check out HOPE STREET
Now that there's no Domsey's, there's always "Hope"...Street. Check out XELA, a middle-of-nowhere thrift shop, if you're a fan of Sal's Boutique (Salvation Army). Thrifty prices, too! I saw a range of prices from about $4 to $25!

XELA is at 53 Hope Street between Marcy Avenue & Havemeyer


One great vintage place that you might not know about: ATOMIC PASSION. You can really go buck wild with all the vintage threads & accessories. ATOMIC PASSION overflows with floor-to-ceiling dresses, accessories, menswear & an excellent shoe department.

430 East 9th Street, near First Avenue

Anonymous said...

oh, here's another sample sale!

Olga Kapustina Sample Sale
Thurs. & Fri., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
161 W. 22nd St., 3rd fl., b/t Sixth & Seventh Ave.

Lindasaurus Rex said...

I'm planning on going! :D

Anonymous said...

i had a really good time!
and of course, i ended up going for the $100 vintage goods, spending over 500 here.