Friday, October 1, 2010

[SOLD] Momoca Pleated Asymmetrical Denim Skirt $29

momoca... she makes the funkiest clothing pieces that will surely rock your closet! this pleated, flared out, asymmetrical skirt is one of her best selling skirts! this is from fall/winter of 2002, so you won't find this at her little boutique anymore! you'll be the only one rockin' this. :)

  • size: large (fits like a medium)
    • measurements: 14-14.5" waist, length: 13-25"
    • side zipper
  • label: momoca
  • color: brown
  • material: denim cotton
  • condition: excellent!

originally: ~$130
yours: $29

beautiful! love it? to buy, email!


Anonymous said...

that is so pretty and unique!

Anonymous said...

i went to visit berkeley and i went to the momoca store! the japanese designer is so fashionable! she has all these cute hand cuffs and caps customized too. her prints and dresses were so pretty but i couldn't afford anything. but now, i think i can! hoohay!

Anonymous said...

that's just fabulous!

Anonymous said...

what a unique skirt! i just love the design of it!