Thursday, May 11, 2006

[SOLD] Pop Art Patent Leather Cream Pumps $35

oOoOo place some fun on your feet! :) featured are a super unique pair of stilletos! made of soft genuine patent leather, these cute pumps feature the coolest pop art print! vis a vie indeed makes some lovely shoes... genuine leather all around including the soles! brand new for you!

retail: $98+
shopmycloset: $40 $35! (reduced!)
  • size: 7
    • insole: 10 inches (includes pointy-ness)
    • widest: 3 inches
    • heel: 3.5 inches
  • label: vis a vie (sold at nordstrom)
  • color: cream
  • material: soft patent leather (comfy!)
  • condition: brand new!
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Anonymous said...

wow, those are awesome! too bad i'm an 8!

lucky 7!

Anonymous said...

so sweet, i love em!!! they remind me of the "take on me" video by a-ha back in the 80's. love that song...

Anonymous said...

punk rock sweet!

Anonymous said...

delicious, and nutriotious!

Anonymous said...

craziness! this is hot!

sandy clothing said...

so so pretty!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg please buy bigger sizes!! atleast one pair in each size. =( *tear*