Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[SOLD] Vintage Cherry Red Bow Flats $28

the most precious red flats! featured are a vintage pair of cherry red flats by nina! i love these but they're just a tad too tight for me. =( i love the bows... they remind me of hello kitty's. :) these are ideal to achieve that nautical look! in excellent condition, they look new!

  • size: 7, marked vintage size 8.5N
    • insole: 9.8 inches
    • width: 3 inches
  • label: nina
  • color: red
  • material: soft leather
  • condition: practically new! :)
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jamie l said...

these are the cutest! they would be ALL mine if it were a 7!

jenny said...

ack! these are my dream shoes! but I'm 7.5/8 so these would probably be too snug :(

♥d said...

ms. ninja vintage! they're my dream shoes too! i've been searching so long for the perfect pair of vintage red flats. =( sadly, too snug for me too.

Anonymous said...

ubbberrr cute!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, if only they were a size bigger!

Anonymous said...

i'm in love love with these shoes that isn't my size! love love love.

Anonymous said...

i'm still waitlisted. was wondering if it's been paid for yet. if not, i can send payment right away!

thank you.

lorraine said...

so freakin cute!

amanda peets said...

you guys have the best selection compared to the other shopping blogs!