Saturday, July 15, 2006

[SOLD] Easel Butter Cream Drawstring Tank $8

check out this cute top! soft cotton tank with adjustable straps and drawstring waist. even cuter layered over another tank. :)

  • size: 4
    • label: easel
    • color: butter cream
    • material: 100% cotton
    • condition: brand new with tags!
    "our tee's are uniquely dyed and as individual as you are; no two garments are exactly the same... get noticed in easel." - easel

    retail: $72
    yours: $8

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    Anonymous said...

    this is ridicously cheap!


    Amy said...

    i'd never heard of 'easel' before this! i love their stuff! :)

    kris said...

    their headquarter store in in manhattan on spring street... they have the cutest summery clothes but so expensive!