Tuesday, August 15, 2006

[SOLD] Sigerson Morrison Belle Flats $52

these shoes are just SCRUMPTIOUS! we love Belle by Sigerson Morrison! it's the perfect blend of comfort & femininity! just look at how sweet these are...!

  • size: 5-5.5
    • measurements: 9.75"
  • label: Sigerson Morrison
  • color: white
  • material: leather
  • condition: brand new, some pen marks
  • detail: hidden heel strap to prevent any slip offs

retail: $395
yours: $52

love it? to buy, email shopmycloset@gmail.com.

lookie!! other cute flats by Sigerson on sale for $197.50!


Anonymous said...

lovely! but a wee bit small

karla said...

cute! i like the purple ones too :)

susanne eun said...

you ladies have some Q U A L I T Y items.

i'm very impressed! once i get my pay check tomorrow, i'm going on a shop my closet spree!

Anonymous said...

that's cute.

Anonymous said...

SALE] Sigerson Morrison Belle Flats $52