Friday, September 15, 2006

[SOLD] Lux Denim Tapered Pants $9

these quirky pants are so playful and fun! the red buttons and trim add a distinct detail and touch to what would be a plain blue pair of pants. show how daring and bold you can be by taking these home!

  • size: 11
    • measurements:
      • waist: 16"
      • inseam: 24"
      • length: 32"
  • label: lux
  • color: dark blue w/ red trim
  • material: 100% cotton, stretchy
  • condition: good! w/ exception of paint marks on back left side of pant
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Anonymous said...

the cuffing and buttons reminds me of MJ :)

rhonda said...

cheap, comfy, and easy to slip on. i say YAY!