Wednesday, November 1, 2006

[SOLD] Miu Miu Baby Blue Bow Belt $22

this bowtie belt by miu miu is a perfect to accessorize with! cinch it around a top or dress to create that sassy fitted silhouette look. shimmery metallic baby blue... adjustable waist via vecro. it's slick, easy to wear and... oh so pretty! ;) 100% authentic and in mint, like new condition!

  • size: small (30/70)
    • waist: : 26.5" (vecro to the smallest) - 29" (if vecro attached halfway)
        • vecro strip: 4" long
    • thickness: about .6"
  • label: miu miu
  • color: metallic baby blue
  • material: leather (super soft!)
  • condition: mint! like new!
retail: $90
yours: $22

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