Sunday, January 7, 2007

[SOLD] Bombshelle Champagne Ruffle Slingbacks $38

we're reposting yet another goodie that surprisingly has yet sold! the price is reduced now, too! simple slingbacks with a fabulous twist! check out these beautiful shoes by bombshelle! made with fine ivory matte leather and detailed colorful, tasteful ruffling! a lil' slice for some peep-toe show! these babies are brand spankin' new! : )

retail: $75+
shopmycloset: $44 $38 (reduced!)
  • size: 8
    • width: 10"
    • width: 3"
  • label: bombshelle
  • color: champagne
  • material: leather
  • condition: brand new!

to purchase, please e-mail, many thanks!


Anonymous said...

is it true to size or do they run a tad small / big

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

hi there! :) they are true to size!

Anonymous said...

loving the tiny slit!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this would be great for a wedding... don't you think?

josephine said...

yes, that was totally what i was thinking!

it's screaming wedding!

marry me!

the_STELLA. said...

EX-tremely Cuute. I love the little slit in the toe. Too bad they aren't a tad bigger!! =(

Anonymous said...

two size 8 shoes? i don't know which one to buy!

♥d said...

eeeee... :D make that three size 8s! i'm clearing out my shoes!

Anne said...

wow... those are so girly and cute! love it!

jocelyn landard said...

I'm in luck! I'm a size 8!