Saturday, July 7, 2007

[SOLD] Acne Hep Raw Dark Denim Jeans $90

these jeans fit so well and will make your rump look so scrumptious! acne jeans hug your curves and enhance what you got! HOT!

retail: $199.00 (purchased at satine boutique in l.a.)
shopmycloset: $90
  • size: 30 (best fits 28-29)
    • waist: 31"
    • hips: 39"
    • inseam: 32"
  • label: acne
    • style: hep raw
  • color: dark blue
  • material: denim
  • condition: new!

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Anonymous said...

why 30!!!!!!! T_______T

Anonymous said...

i have a pair of heps and they fit like a glove!