Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[SOLD] Zara Color Block Dress $22

i bought this body-conscious dress for the color blocking and boldness! the print is not only flattering to the body, but very modern. yours in mint, unworn condition for only $22!

  • size: medium
    • bust: up to 35"
    • waist: 29"
    • length: 35"
  • label: zara
  • color: red, black, white
  • material: cotton
  • condition: mint, never worn!

love it? to buy, email


Elizabeth said...

I see there the elastic band there in the front is synching the waist in a bit but it appears to be like an empire waist, does that detail cause the dress to cling more tightly at the back then in the front? Or is there plenty of flounce at the back?

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

hi elizabeth,

the the cinching is only in the front so the dress flows straight down in the back. hope that helps. thanks!

Elizabeth said...

Yes I would like to purchase it I am sending an email right now. As far as papal goes, do I need to set up an account in advance or can I do that when the payment instructions come?

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