Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[SOLD] Vintage Green Floral Pumps $11

these heels are made of a delightful fuzzy material and still have a lot of wear to them. tres vintage chic!

  • size: 6.5
    • heel: 3"
    • width: 3"
    • length: 10"
  • label: charles shoes, san luis obispo
  • color: shades of green
  • material: fuzzy material
  • condition: vintage, good. needs a new inner lining pad on sole. sold as is
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Anonymous said...

these are the coolest pumps ever!

love 'em.

wish they came in a size 8

Dion said...

love these! wish they were my size.

amy said...

this is such a good deal! love you for this! hope i get dibs!!

Anonymous said...

so cute!

Pinky said...

Worth Every Penny