Friday, March 23, 2012

[GUEST BLOG] Put Some Pastel On It! 3 Simple Ways to Mix Pastel Into Your Wardrobe

Images from Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana

T here, from Seasonal Lust, lending my voice to ShopMyCloset to talk about this year’s spring obsession: PASTELS. Thank goodness that the gloom and doom of winter is over, because I am so ready for spring, and lucky for us the biggest hit this season is pastel (among other things like lace, eyelet and feathers, but that’s for another post).

This season’s colors are sure to rouse your senses as they are full of fresh subdued hues in extreme feminine detail. The wonderful thing about this trend is that you can never be over-saturated in it! Meaning, head to toe pastel is perfectly acceptable, in fact, extremely tres chic. But for those of you needing to take it much slower, here are some simple steps on how to get on this trend without having to dive in head first.

Here are 3 simple ways to incorporate pastel into your wardrobe:

1. Buy a bright pastel blazer to pair over your all black, or all neutral outfit from last season. It’s a perfect complimentary touch to the dark tones we’ve all been wearing. Leave the dark blazers to the back of the closet for now. 

Blazer from Zara

2. Invest in a great pair of fresh colored heels. This adds a pop of color to your usual black, white or grey work combo, and adds a little spring to your step. The awesome thing about pastels is that it goes with just about everything, except maybe a vibrant red outfit (that can be a little tricky).
Shoes from Zara
3. Get some pastel make up - nails, eyeshadow and lips to be exact! - but please, never all at the same time as this can be a bit overwhelming on the face. I wouldn’t suggest anything like the bright bluish lipstick pictured below.

Yes lipstick via.

There you have it! Pretty simple, and very easy on the eyes!

Cheers to Spring!

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