Tuesday, May 31, 2005

[SOLD] Versace Blue/Yellow Pencil Skirt $9

  • preloved Versace Pencil Skirt from 1980's!
  • size: 28/42
    • length: 23" long
    • waist: 14" laid flat across
    • hip: 18" laid flat across
    • bottom: 17" laid flat across
  • color: bright blue with a tint of purple, with 2 yellow vertical stripes from the hip down on the sides.
  • condition: used, good

*I purchased this skirt for $49 at a sample sale 8 years ago (not sure if it's authentic or faux). Yours for $9 (great skirt, great cut, beautiful color!)

Like it? Email shopmycloset@gmail.com to buy!


Anonymous said...

love the color! :)

Anonymous said...

This skirt is very chic in form and color!

Grab it!


Anonymous said...

this skirt would look CUTE with plain sleeveless tops!

i would go for either a white or black top. how about you?

Anonymous said...

loving the color, but would have no idea what to wear this with! it's too loud for everything else that i have! :(

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Unknown said...

I am also big fan of versace design, I really like that given Versace Pencil Skirt , its look like very different design and looking cool in blue.nice blog