Sunday, May 29, 2005

[SOLD] Pink Pencil Skirt w/ Bowtie $7

Fabulous skirt for summer!

  • Brand New! Never worn!
  • Size 7 (juniors)
  • Retails: $36, Shopmycloset: $7
  • Soft Pink
  • Pencil Shape Skirt w/ small front middle slit
  • 2 small side pockets
  • front zipper
  • waistband with bow-tie feature on front side
  • inner waistband with baby blue polka dot lining
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Anonymous said...


huynh said...

that's a really cute skirt! size 7 juniors usually run smaller right? i think it would be equivalent to a size 4.

Anonymous said...

hey shopmycloset,
i think you had a post on dylan boutique (san fran) before... they are having a huge sale this weekend. 20% additional, and 60% off sale. sounds great, doesn't it?


jacki said...

oh my geed! i have this skirt in khaki color!! it's one of my favourites! i got it at nordstrom. i wear it with my favourite white tee and sneakers! simple, yet fabuolous indeed!!

Anonymous said...

cute skirt! but it's never my size!!!!!!!!

rica said...

Skirts with bow-ties are too cute too pass, except when it's not my size! :(

Anonymous said...

cute skirt! any tops you have that would go with this?

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

Hi everyone!

Just letting you know, this skirt falls to the top of the knees. It's not a mini, but almost knee-length. Perfect to show off some knees, calves and ankles for the summer!


♥k said...

This reminds me of the Pink Marc Jacobs clutch we sold awhile ago. :)

You can click on SOLD ITEMS on the right side to view that post.

rhonda said...

these two would do:

oni said...

I like the bow-tie! very subtle in its use. I need to figure out how to set up this paypal system.

melissa said...

these would go perfect with my hot pink vans!

Anonymous said...

the skirt looks so good modeled...

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