Wednesday, May 4, 2005

[SOLD] Meow/Woof Irregular Choice Kitten Heels $49

retail: $98
shopmycloset: $55 $49

This is one of the cutest ORIGINAL pair of ICL's designed during its inaugral season!!! I promise you these are hard to find and unique in its own right! Purchased these ICL's at a boutique in Toronto! This shoe is one of the designs that got ICL off its feet and into the hands of trendsetting fashionistas!


  • sz 37
  • patent leather black
  • pointy front & tiny kitten heels
  • tiny scuff marks on the cat pair... unoticeable!
  • worn 2x at most
  • left cats in a heart... Let's call em Fluffy Meowington #1 & #2
  • right dog in a heart, too... Let's call it Bowser!
  • the only time a dog and cat will live in harmony together is on this shoe!
  • truly loved by it's past owner

you can't see the greatness of these shoes but you can sense its radiation off the post

diggin' it? email to buy!

disclaimer*: no animals were harmed in the making of these shoes or post


tammy said...

these are really cute! i like the image of the dog and cat detail on the shoes. i wish they were my size! and i wish they were cheaper... sigh.

Anonymous said...

thanks for leaving me a cOMmeNt on MYSPACE.COM

i am loving your site!

sonicgirl said...

i think there is an error with your price

Anonymous said...

are the soles leather?
are there any scuffs or marks on the patent leather

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

there is a slight white mark on
the cat shoe that is almost unoticeable but other than that the shoes are immaculate!

the coles are made of that hot pink ICL inside, which i believe is leather.

Anonymous said...


♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

these are really hard to find and rare. sorry no discounts at this time.

lily said...

i remember this style when it came out years ago. yeah, it is rare now since it's no longer sold in stores. i've seen peeps wear these with jeans. it's cute cuz the dog cat images would stick out underneath their jeans... from far away you would think it's plain black patent leather shoes.. but up close,it's a fun animal surprise

Anonymous said...


nancy said...

oh i love these shoes! this was one of the first pairs of ICL's!! I haven't seen them on anyone (cause it was made in limited quantity)... i really wish these were my size because i would love to add these to my collection. MEOW! ROAR! RUFF! :)


Anonymous said...

i've never seen these before, how long has irregular been around?

Anonymous said...

Does Irregular Choice have a website? Do you know any other cool websites with awesome stuff and great prices like yours?

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

please refer to our LINKS GALORE section for other "cool" websites. if you would like to add any links, you can email to add.

also, on the posts, there's random links to websites and designers. you can explore that as well. i think our older irregular choice postings have other links to unofficial ICL websites.

hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

i have these cuties. you should keep them because they were the first babies of irregular choice!

katie said...

i love the pink interior!

jacki said...

irregular choice website is now up and running! you can look at all their designs on the site. :D