Thursday, June 9, 2005

[EVENT] Sunday Driver Fashion Party -LA

Sunday Driver is one of our MySpace friends!
For Party Address Please Call: 323-665-2337, June 9th!
Boys and Girls Welcome.
It's a Fashion Party!
Warmer weather means a new wardrobe, and Sunday Driver delivers with Angel's Summer 2005 Collection! She's been slaving by her sewing machine creating sexy styles that show off your tan....guys too! Be the first to create your new summer look at the Sunday Driver Cocktail Party from 6 to 10pm on Thurs., June 9th. See the collection debut in the designer's own home over a complementary beverage, then take it home with you. And remember, Sunday Driver only produces a limited number of each piece, so you'll want to be the first to grab your favorite while it's still there. So come on over, schmooze with your fellow fashionistas, and check out Sunday Driver's new collection! Clothes and cocktails??? Now seriously... what could be better than that?


ted said...

Diggin' the collar shirt!

jen said...

look at her dress! that fold is very fairylike! i want one of my own!

Anonymous said...

they are so nice! the people at sunday driver! :)

Anonymous said...

cute stuff!!!