Tuesday, June 14, 2005

[SOLD] Super-Woman Poofy Skirt $14

This skirt always makes me think of a superhero! Made by Urban Renewal, this skirt gives a playful yet sinful edge to any day!

  • Sz 28-31, stretchy waistband
  • blue waistband, red sheeny skirt overlay, white mesh lining
  • red part fall to above the knees, mesh part falls right under
  • excellent condition: no tears, stains!

email shopmycloset@gmail.com to buy!


d said...

that is frickin' cute! :)

Anonymous said...

you're freakin'cute!

♥k said...

this is simply a playful skirt!

spice up your night with this poofy phun-ness! :)

rhonda said...

if i wanted to be "christmas", i would wear the green striped tunic top (posted on june 13) over this red poofy skirt, and go do reindeer leaps around the xmas tree!

christine said...

hahahaha that sounds so fun!!!!!!

Michelle Hernandez said...

What i like about these skirts is that fact that it is versatile. You can go fancy wid it or you can go street on it. Wear it with a fancy halter, or down it with a baby tee. Both ways, it's still sexy!

jilllian said...

does it have raw seams, or seams?

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...


Anonymous said...

amazing mini!