Sunday, January 8, 2006

[SOLD] Circular Ruffle Black Bag $8

Cute little black bag! Grab on-the-go for a night in the town!

To purchase, email!


Anonymous said...

loving the shape.


Anonymous said...

whats the material?

andrea said...

mein gott!

i haven't checked the site for a while... this purse was the first thing to stare me in the face today!

i DIED after seeing how quickly it was sold. hope to see more bags like this! it would ensure less death!

michelle said...

has it been sold? ??
but it says [SALE] in your post title --- let me know! thanks ya!

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

if you see an item you would like to purchase, please immediately email first come first serve!!

hearts to you all!

d said...

mmm.. so circular. so cute!

fyi by amy said...

very cute bag check out my blog too

andrea said...

see?? circles!!

circles work in bag design. in transport design.

but NOT in ipod design!!!!


andrea said...

wait a minute.

could you post the size-measurements of this item? i'd like to know how much it can carry.

thanks mucho!!

Anonymous said...

i wish it were mine.