Saturday, January 7, 2006

[SOLD] Wooden Mustache Top $64

Here's an intelligent, witty, bold piece to add to your closet!
Wooden Mustache combines childhood elements with sharp bold cuts to create fun clothing pieces!

  • Wooden Mustache (Wearables) - independent label
  • Spring 2003 Collection
  • Linen/Cotton - Dry Cleaning Only
  • Size Medium
    • Waist measures 15.5”
    • Bust measures 17”
    • Hip measures 21”
    • Length measures 22.5” long
  • Cream, Teal and Pale Yellow
  • Black Buttons with Green Stitching
  • Bottom Edge has Raw Hemming
  • Black Lining!
Wooden Mustache has been featured in "Here Today, More Expensive Tomorrow" in Village Voice NYC, MetroPop magazine, and GenArt's Fresh Faces Fashion Show in LA.

You can purchase selected items from Spring 2006 collection from Elegant Elevator and ChocoSho. *note: collage of pieces from Spring 2003-2006. these pieces are not included in the sale.

Retail: $168
ShopMyCloset: $64

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toto said...

hi! i just came across your site from another online store link. your items are superb. and this one is pretty niffy!

Anonymous said...

cute!!!! i like it!

cindy said...

gosh! what a great post!

rhonda said...

Wooden Mustache makes beautiful clothes!

Color that actually works!

Anonymous said...

i adore the montage. esp the top left top skirt/ v neck shirt.

andrea said...


jj said...

very delicious! ;)

w♥n said...

wow! wooden mustache sounds so cool!

Anonymous said...


andrea said...

ache! déja-vu! slap!

andrea said...


andrea said...

i love the thingies that hug the waist.

hint hint!