Monday, February 6, 2006

[SOLD] Hearts + Stripes Teal Cardigan $23

what? hearts and stripes on a cardigan?!? yay! i love the color of this cardigan..... a lovely teal! it's adorned with 80% hearts and 20% stripes! :) to top it off, it features little pearlie buttons! for sure, you'll be the only one with this cardigan!

  • size: s/m
  • condition: like NEW!
to purchase, e-mail, many thanks!


Anonymous said...

so yummy!

i like the pattern. cute, fun and bold!

Anonymous said...

very fruity and unique.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I just came across your shopping blog and totally love the idea! You've been bookmarked and hope to purchase your items soon!

With hugs,
Paulina Zook

Anonymous said...

this is the cutest cardigan!