Friday, December 22, 2006

[SOLD] Vintage Calvin Klein Sparkly Vest $9

go for preppiness with a bit of pezazz! this vest is extremely cute for just that! from the collection line of calvin klein, circa 1980s, this vest can be worn yet again, layered!

  • size: medium
    • bust: 18.5" laid flat across
    • neck: 6"
    • length: 23"
  • label: calvin klein collection
  • color: chocolate brown w/ sparkles
  • material: alpaca/polyester
  • condition: good
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Anonymous said...

i can just see the outfit now! vest over cream turtleneck, over a mini, over cream tights. ah, so cute!

Anonymous said...

i like to be a bit i will contrast with other colors!! so 80s..