Thursday, December 21, 2006

[SOLD] Black Pinstripe Silhouette Dress $10

what a snazzy lil' number this is! a hot long black pinstripe dress that contours to your body for an amazing silhouette! adjustable straps and lovely corset fit! makes for a smashing holiday dress! new, never worn!

retail: $50
shopmycloset: $10!
  • size: small/medium (stretchy)
  • label: aziz
  • color: black pinstripe
  • material: thick stretchy cotton and elastane
  • condition: never worn, new!

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Anonymous said...

I love this! Is it possible to get measurements [unstretched] for the waist and bust? Thanks in advance!

Michelle said...

10? you've got to be kidding. <3 the pinstripes. too bad i'm too short. =[

Anonymous said...

$10! love your prices! =)

Anonymous said...


Jeanie said...

That was gone QUICK!