Saturday, March 25, 2006

[EVENT] Feria Urbana -SF

Don't miss Feria Urbana Saturday March 25th at the Canvas Gallery in San Francisco. Come and enjoy shopping for great items from local artists and designers.

Find the latest chic and unique clothing, jewelry, home accessories, artwork, fashion accessories, baby items and much more. It's a shopping experience like no other. Every event is different so don't miss out!

SATURDAY March 25th, 12 - 5 P.M.
The Canvas Cafe & Gallery - 1200 9th Ave at Lincoln, San Francisco

Featuring... Pink Pineapple Design, Ruchi, Happy Moon Moon, Monami Jewelry, Aiko Designs, k.o.baker designs, Sikara & Co.,The Outer Bean, Recover Your Thoughts, Toys by Veta, Tessa Kemp Jewelry, Icon National, New Leaf Clothing, chibi., Medium to Masses, Cara Lyndon, Scarlet Buffalo, Audthentic, Brenda Van Soi Ceramics, Macaroni & Glitter, Mimosa Studio,Bohn Designs


Anonymous said...

thanks to your website, us four girls were able to check it out & buy a bunch of stuff! =)

♥ shopmycloset ♥ said...

yay! we're super happy to hear it! :)

Anonymous said...

canvas gallery is the shit!